Month: February 2009

The Euro Profile

I had a little rant about uPVC doors a few posts back. Well I don’t much like the cylinder that often goes with it, the euro-profile cylinder. When lever locks wanted to be operable from both sides, the clever engineers

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Double-Locking a Rimlatch

Many customers don’t realize that their rimlatch (their “Yale”) lock might be of the double-locking type. If there’s a keyway in the inside handle, what’s it for? Well, first of all it might not work. If you had the outside

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Knees and Hands, or Shoulders

The lockout drought has ended and the cold weather has retreated for a few days at least. I was on my knees (a common position even for atheist locksmiths) opening a door for someone and the sun was beating down

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Having tried and failed to get a blog working using BlogEngine.NET on my usual web site host, I was trying Google’s Blogger. (BlogEngine seems to have its home page inexorably hard-coded to default.aspx and my host won’t allow ASP.NET applications

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Today was the first lockout I’ve attended for ages. It’s been nothing but fitting and ¬†changing locks for over a week. Is it the recession? Are people being more careful,¬† both with keys and with money? Locksmith folklore has it

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Multi-point locking

The typical, traditional, external door originally had a simple surface mounted deadbolt lock with probably only one or two levers and/or a nightlatch: a “Yale”. (And when I was a lad the door was only locked if you went away

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The Man on the Clapham Omnibus

“The man on the Clapham omnibus” is one of those interesting legal phrases, along with “a reasonable man” and a “man of good character”. In the UK in the early 20th century, Clapham — where I happen to live and

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No Moles in Ireland

Talking of DIY sheds (see Monday’s post), there was also talk more recently about one them stocking a burglars’ tool. Thankfully, again, no-one I know actually seems to have seen one, so hopefully it’s just an unfounded rumour. If it

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Milling Teeth

I’ve just had a tooth crowned. I heard and felt something go crunch as I bit into a burger. “Rats, a bit of bone (or hoof or whatever)”, I thought. But a moment later I felt the jagged edge of

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