Today was the first lockout I’ve attended for ages. It’s been nothing but fitting and  changing locks for over a week. Is it the recession? Are people being more careful,  both with keys and with money?

Locksmith folklore has it that when money is tight and people find themselves locked out, they break one of their windows or kick their door in rather than calling a locksmith. However, glazing a window or repairing a door both cost more than a locksmith. Well, more than this locksmith at least. And I attended at least one “morning after” where the guy had dislocated his shoulder trying to get in and had spent the best part of the night at A&E.

When you’re looking for a tradesperson, don’t call the biggest or the earliest entries in the directory. They will be paying a lot for that ad and will have to charge you more. Try to find a local tradesperson. Ask if you’re actually speaking to the locksmith or if you can speak to the locksmith. That way you’ll avoid the call centres, avoid being charged up to twice as much, and actually be getting a locksmith or whatever you’re looking for rather than heaven knows who.

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