Knees and Hands, or Shoulders

The lockout drought has ended and the cold weather has retreated for a few days at least. I was on my knees (a common position even for atheist locksmiths) opening a door for someone and the sun was beating down on my back. I actually had to take my jacket off.

The customer had asked, as I walked up the garden path, whistling as I recall, “You’re not going to break the door are you?” I don’t know what terrible experiences they must have had previously, but the reason for calling a locksmith, rather than a passing rugby player, is that a locksmith opens your door using their bag of conjuring tricks. They don’t kick the door down. And if you called for a locksmith, but someone arrives carrying nothing but a drill, then unfortunately you haven’t actually been sent a locksmith. Unless you have a Bramah lock (or one of a handful of other very, very good locks), there are always several non-destructive things that should tried first, saving you the cost of a new lock (or a new door).

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