Month: March 2009

Hedge Clippers Are An Important Security Device

One of the most important security devices you probably possess are your hedge clippers. If your street windows or doors are shielded from view by a tall hedge (or a tall anything else), you are more vulnerable. House-breakers don’t like

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Security Gates On Doors

At least one block of apartments near here have seemingly been rendered near lethal, apparently by the local authority. Each of the apartments’ front doors has been protected by a steel security gate. That’s good. However, possibly by way of

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Up And Down And In

I attended a lost key lockout this morning where the door had two high security locks — unpickable and very expensive to destroy. And there were spare keys waiting inside. It was a ground floor flat so I asked if

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The Vault Door

“And what might Sir be wanting this time?” The sales assistant’s tone held a hint of sarcasm. I had already been to the counter of a Shepher’s Bush hire shop twice. The first time was to get ear defenders. The

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WD-40 Is Not A Lubricant

Hands up all those who remember when the full name of WD-40 was Rocket WD-40. WD-40 is a water-displacement spray. It was the 40th attempt at a formulation to displace water from rockets awaiting launch, and thus prevent pools of

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Dropped Snib

What is a dropped snib? Is it one of the many ailments that torment us over-fifties? Snib or holdback are the correct terms for the part of a lock that stops a door latching behind you as you pop out

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Lock Terminology

Even one of the locksmith bulletin boards I’m on can’t get this one right! A rim lock is one that is fixed to the inside face of the door. (Although it would not surprise me if one of the national

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That Beeping Safe

If your safe is beeping at you, it’s probably trying to tell you that its battery is failing. Please minister to its needs and replace the battery. Especially if some genius designer has put the batteries inside the safe. And

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Know Your Locks

Are you the kind of person who likes to be prepared and who doesn’t like surprises and emergencies? Then you might like to check what locks are fitted to your front door. And if it turns out to be exotic

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I had to open a safe in a library the other day. It wasn’t in some backroom, it was out in the main reading area. It was a simple little thing with little residual value and they’d already ordered a

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