Hedge Clippers Are An Important Security Device

One of the most important security devices you probably possess are your hedge clippers.

If your street windows or doors are shielded from view by a tall hedge (or a tall anything else), you are more vulnerable. House-breakers don’t like to be visible to passers-by.

Consider trimming that hedge and consider also PIR (passive infra-red) activated light(s) to illuminate your front porch and windows when someone approaches. House-breakers especially don’t like to be illuminated.

Of course, it’s normally even more secluded at the back of a property, so you might consider PIR-activated lights for the back as well.

You might be thinking, “Ah but there are n houses between me and the street access to our back gardens.” The trouble is that if next door has been broken into, the thieves will often take a look at the backs of adjoining properties to see if there are further easy pickings.

Also good for the back garden are rickety trellis tops on the garden walls. Add roses or thorn bushes for a real deterrent.

We can fit artificial thorns for you as long as your fence or wall tops are reasonably substantial.

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