Month: April 2009

Spare Keys And Bypass Keys

I might just have mentioned this before, but don’t lock your safe’s spare key or bypass key in the safe. Go and get it out now and put it somewhere else. If you have two safes and are determined to

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Some people haven’t heard of testing. I’ve just been away on a course and staying in a hotel. I’ve stayed at this hotel before. It’s under new management now. The TV that was in “my” room has gone and in

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Insurance And Standards

What does it mean when a lock is BS (that’s “British Standard” rather than bullshit)? Does that mean that my insurance company will be happy? (This post is largely addressed to the UK.) Well you can be fairly sure that

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This Handle’s Loose

If you’re going to make a lock that will carry on working though ten years and ten thousand operations, there has to be play in the handle and the mechanism. So the excellent Yale #1 and Yale #2 have “loose”

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I happen to have attended two jobs in a row where poor quality hinges have been the culprits. If you are having a new door or work done on your door, as well as asking about the quality of the

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Group Hug

I was installing a safe. It was medium sized. That means it weighed in at around 300 kg. Now I hadn’t carried it upstairs. I don’t move safes. That’s a very specialized job. Several safe engineers are missing toes or

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I Need My Friend To Get My x

Once or twice a month we (at least I assume it happens to other locksmiths) get a call along the lines of, “I’m abroad at the moment. There are some xs I’ve left in my flat. Will you go and

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Somebody Cares

For the first time in at least three years, someone actually asked me what I was doing. A letting agent had given me a key to an empty property and asked me to change the lock. It’s suprising how often

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Bikers Set To Get Even Worse

As a biker who is regularly pissed off by the antics of other bikers (and cyclists, who are just as bad yet see themselves as eco-saints), I sink further into resigned gloom when I see that an EU directive combined

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Dressing Gowns And Moving

Where’s the best place to keep a spare key once you’ve made sure that a good friend who never goes out or on holiday has one? The pocket of your dressing gown. The second most likely situation for a lockout

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