Some people haven’t heard of testing.

I’ve just been away on a course and staying in a hotel. I’ve stayed at this hotel before. It’s under new management now. The TV that was in “my” room has gone and in its place is a flat screen mounted on the wall. However, they’ve put the screen six feet above the ground and twenty feet away from the bed; so unless you’ve got an inhumanly flexible neck or have brought binoculars, you can’t watch TV. They’ve spent quite a bit of money on a refit. If you’d spent a lot of money on your newly acquired hotel, wouldn’t you try spending a night in each of the rooms and try doing what guests are likely to be doing (within reason).

And the bath. Now this isn’t the new people’s doing; this bath has been there a while. However, all of it’s sides are vertical. Literally. Ninety degrees to the base. I would suggest that given a shower and a bath, most people would use the shower if they just wanted to get clean. Most people take a bath to have a nice soak and relax. Assuming the people who made the bath didn’t also have inhumanly unusual anatomy, they can’t ever have tested lying in it.

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