Month: May 2009

Know Your Locks

Or, Avoiding Being Ripped Off, Part 1 It’s worth making a note of what locks you have. If you have a multi-point lock, it’s also worth ensuring that you are completely familiar with the handle up and handle down behaviour

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Restricting Keys

Some keys can be copied by anyone with a key cutting machine and some can’t. Those that can’t be (or shouldn’t be) copied are called restricted or protected key systems. If you have to give keys out to friends or

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Strength Matters

Customers quite often ask me what the best lock would be. However, quite often we are standing next to a door that the big, bad wolf wouldn’t even have to huff over — one small puff and it would be

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Sliding And Folding Doors

You’ve probably cottoned on to this already, but in case you just moved in or have been lucky so far … Many of the more lunatic manufacturers of the folding sliding doors you sometimes find opening onto a rear garden,

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It’s Your Money They’re Wasting

My goodness, there are some stupendously incompetent cowboys about. Yale’s top-end domestice rimlatch is the PBS. It’s British Standard rated. That’s not easy to achieve in a rimlatch. Yale have gone to a lot of trouble to make it strong

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Keys For Old Locks

I like making keys for old locks. It’s a satisfying piece of work to accomplish. And you get to see inside old locks. I’ve had two this week. The striking thing is the amount of metal used in old locks

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Keep Surplus Keys But Not In Your Pocket

When you’ve moved into a new place and are contemplating the pile of keys you’ve acquired, put the ones that don’t seem to be for anything into a drawer somewhere (unlocked). But make sure that the keys that go in

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