Month: October 2009

Communal Doors

What can you do about the security of your communal door, particularly if you live in a flat in a converted house? The unfortunate answer is, not much. The first problem is when there’s an electronic entry system of the

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Let There Be Light

What do you do if there are windows at the back of your property — which must apply to just about everybody except non-ground-floor flat dwellers? You can consider grilles. I don’t like the huge concertina grilles very much. They

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Intelligent Design? I Think Not

Not much to report, I’m afraid. Other than if there is a DESIGNER then HE/SHE/IT is pretty unintelligent. The gout I’ve suffered occasionally in my big toe seems to have moved on to my knee. This despite my having already

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Keys In Locks

It’s not a good idea to leave keys in lever locks. I remember back when I was a student, in a shared house, and responsible for my own security for the first time, assuming that as long as there wasn’t

Well Shod Now

I’ve just put the finishing touches to my own door. (Don’t worry, though, I won’t take over two weeks on any of your jobs.) The locks have been moved, the keeps have been moved, holes have been filled in and

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Berlingo Sound Effects Department

If ever you get into your Citroen Berlingo, slam the door closed and then hear someone shooting at you, I can report that it probably wasn’t a pistol shot but the sound of one of the front suspension coil spring

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Homeguard Mailguard, Part 2

I almost forget why I started the last post. It was actually to talk about the necessary evil that is the letterslot. The previous post began the story of my re-arranging the locks on my front door. The mortice lock

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Homeguard Mailguard

I’ve been playing around sorting my own front door out. You know the saying: the cobbler’s kids are the poorest shod. Well someone in the family lost their keys and I went to change the cylinder. (Which we can do

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