Intelligent Design? I Think Not

Not much to report, I’m afraid. Other than if there is a DESIGNER then HE/SHE/IT is pretty unintelligent. The gout I’ve suffered occasionally in my big toe seems to have moved on to my knee. This despite my having already given up the port and the pate de foie gras. So I haven’t been out much.

Unlike most animals we lack the enzyme to metabolize uric acid so it crystallizes in our joints. And the crystals are sharp. Believe you me.

So, along with male nipples, wisdom teeth, the human eye and many other examples, this tells me that if there is a divine designer, she (or he) is an incompetent one. The eye is an excellent example, as it’s sometimes held up to be evidence for the opposite position. But the eye has evolved separately in more than one evolutionary line; and in one line the nerves leave via the back of the retina. But in the human line, the nerves leave the retinal cells in the forward direction. In other words the light has to travel through the nerve bundles before it gets to the retina. In other words we humans’ vision is much worse than it could be.

Of course I’ve given up debating any of this with my delusional friends as by definition they are not interested in evidence or logic.

(And I was joking about the foie gras. While I’m happy to eat animals that have had a pleasant life, I’m not willing to eat animals who’ve been deliberately tortured.)

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One comment on “Intelligent Design? I Think Not
  1. The Locksmith says:

    An update: apparently it’s a common misconception that the pain is due, even in part, to the crystals in the joints being needle-sharp. A more believable description is that the crystals are tiny and the immune system makes a mistake and attacks them.

    And it seems that the guinea pig is the other animal lacking the enzyme and afflicted by gout. I wonder if that’s true or another myth.

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