Month: November 2009

You Need A Friend

The bad news is that the internet showed everyone and their aunt how to open your traditional locks. The other bad news is that an unbelievably idiotic cylinder design became a European standard (the “Euro” profile cylinder). The good news

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Door? What Door?

They tell me that my singing isn’t as pleasant to listen to as Susan Boyle’s because of the sinuses or resonant cavities in my head, or rather the lack of them. I was in the basement of a deserted bank

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Keyed Alike Or Keyed To Differ

Although you can’t do it with, say, a typical Yale and a Chubb on a front door, it is possible with some combinations to have your latch lock and your deadlock operated by the same key. This is obviously kinder

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Restricted Key Sections

What’s a restricted section? Well it’s not something that THEY do to get you locked away. It’s a key with a profile or shape (i.e. its section) that prevents other locksmiths obtaining key blanks and thus prevents them copying your

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