Month: January 2010

uPVC (Again!) Windows

Close on the heels of the plea not to choose uPVC doors, comes a story of 14 uPVC windows. The manufacturers of these accursed uPVC products tend to discontinue them after only a few years. And whereas wooden doors and

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Rack Bolts (Star-Key Locks)

Your insurance policy might ask for for patio doors, etc. to be fitted with mortised rack bolts. Unlike the most obvious kind of bolts which would be fitted to the face of the door, mortised bolts are fitted within the

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ERA Nightlatch

I’ve stopped using ERA products. Their high-end nightlatch isn’t too bad, however. The version pictured does have one major design fault, though. (I’m talking here about the auto-deadlocking lock, top of the range but one; where there is a keyway

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Multi-Point Locking Strips (Again)

I’ve just returned from a visit to a door that’s five years old and is going to have to be replaced. So, it’s time for my regular plea to any of you chosing a door. Although, pricewise, a uPVC (or

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Farewell to a Name

Chubb as a company disappeared long ago. Very cleverly it sold its brand name in several pieces. Chubb safes went one way. Chubb fire went another. And Chubb locks went to Assa. The agreement to use the name on locks

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Key Handover

Have you ever had to fill in one of those interminable Answers To Questions when selling a property? If I was buying a property, one of the questions I’d like answered is, “Are there any doors with locks to which

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