Month: February 2010

BT Customerstreet

I’m getting a call a day from the same bunch of cold callers. They are the Locksmith Register. They were pests when they were on their own. Now they’re part of BT Customerstreet, which is part of BT Directories. BT

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Digital Microwaves!

The jaw-dropping antics of the marketeers know no bounds. Sainsburys have for sale in their stores–roll of drums–digital microwave ovens. Hmm. Cooking your food via a stream of numeric values. Interesting. And there was silly old me thinking that microwaves

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Call Centres

If you’ve read the local locksmiths page of the main site, you’ll have read the little rant there about traders and call centres who flood the internet with sites claiming to be local locksmiths. Of course they’re not. They won’t

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Something Straightforward At Long Last

I’ve had two weeks where almost every job suffered some kind of bugger factor and required a followup visit. Nobody’s fault; these things just happen; and they come in waves. You’ll have a week where you open five fire-safes and

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Keys In The Post

Imagine, heaven forbid, a bent postal worker, e.g. working in your local sorting office, who sees an envelope with an address on it (surprise, surprise) and can see or feel a key inside. Pretty tempting eh? You might also want

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Dreadful Treatment Of A Nice Lock

I’ve just been to replace a lock. The lock I was replacing was the worst fitting I’ve ever seen. They hadn’t drilled out the cylinder hole to the correct diameter so there was no room for the security sleeve that

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Snappy Keys

How much of an appetite do readers have for locksmithing suggestions, I wonder. After all, you don’t want to go through a flight length checklist as you leave. But here’s a one-off check for right now if you have your

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Yet Another Vow

I’ve vowed a few times in the past, never again to do work for a landlord who isn’t going to be at the premises and forking out hard cash. Yesterday I relented and agreed to go and fix a tenant’s

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