Month: March 2010

Mul-T-Lock Doors

Does your door lock employ two or three cylindrical bolts and maybe another pair of bolts top and bottom? Do you wind these bolts out and wind them back in again? You may have a Mul-T-Lock door. If you look

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When I built the workshop at the bottom of the garden (OK, it’s a shed), I’m glad to say I went a bit over-the-top insulating it. I was going to line the walls with pegboard so I put polystyrene foam

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I thought I’d heard of most scams. But here’s one from the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) scamwatch pages that I hadn’t heard of. You get into your car in a car park and start it up. You reverse out

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Now, Where Do The Local Councillors Live I Wonder?

We have just decided that we are no longer accepting jobs from a certain area of Putney in south-west London. There are so many barriers and “no entry”s, that unless you have a specialist map you cannot get to a

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