Month: May 2010

Fire Hazards

It’s time to mention locks as fire hazards again. When considering the locks on your doors, you need to strike a balance between security and safety. You want to keep thieves and other scum out, but you don’t want to

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Murdering Our Kids

Parents are funny beasts. Far more children are harmed by family members — usually mum or dad — than by strangers. Yet parents are obsessed by the threat of harm from strangers. One mother at our junior school ran a

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A Prize Doh! Moment

I spent 20 minutes yesterday trying to figure out why on earth a sliding patio door wouldn’t lock in the closed position yet operated perfectly well in the open position. Well of course, we go through this half-a-dozen times a

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Reasons To Fly Ryanair

None. Not only have they frequently been criticised for more hidden charges to spring upon you than anyone else; not only did they consider charging you to use the toilets on the aircraft; but they’ve just been fined for failing

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New Builds and Builders (Again)

I’ve just got back from a job at a new block of apartments in Wandsworth. Every rimlock was fitted upside-down. Some builder who hadn’t got much of a idea as to how doors and locks work – surprise, surprise –

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Still Struggling

Things are still pretty hectic, catching up after the unintentionally extended holidays. I swear a holiday can take six weeks off your life. I’m well past the age where I can pack the night before a trip, so lose a

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Back From The Nile

Well that was quite a month. We went on an Easter holiday to the Nile. And got stuck because of the ash cloud. We got back a few days ago after a holiday that got extended to three weeks. The

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