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Number Witheld

I may have mentioned this before, but when phoning a small business from work, you might consider using your phone rather than the company phone. Small businesses are plagued by cold callers, “Can I speak to the person who pays

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It never ceases to amaze me, that people are puzzled and upset when you ask them if they can prove residence or prove ownership. Obviously we’re often called to liberate items that obstinately remain chained up and to liberate people

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Tight Doors

If you have to pull your door hard towards you (towards the frame stop) before you can unlock the latch or the deadbolt then not only is that inconvenient, it’s also leaving the lock under permanent abnormal pressure. It’s more

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I forgot the point of the last post. Having been lucky enough to find a ladder in a first-floor customer’s garden yesterday, I decided that I finally had to get a first-floor-reaching ladder that would not only go in the

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I had a call from a customer who was locked in. Given the description of the lock, I asked if I could get through a window to the inside of the door. The customer was on the first floor but

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Ah, Windy Days

Quite windy yesterday. Three people out in their front garden in dressing gowns. Don’t forget to put a spare latch key in your dressing gown pocket. (And resist the temptation to dash out to the bin in nightie or PJs.)

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