Number Witheld

I may have mentioned this before, but when phoning a small business from work, you might consider using your phone rather than the company phone. Small businesses are plagued by cold callers, “Can I speak to the person who pays the BT bill?”, despite many of us signing up to the better than nothing Telephone Preference Service. On a busy day, when you’ve answered the phone to the eleventh miserable speciment trying to con you over the phone, I’m afraid you are tempted not to answer any more Number Witheld calls. And your works phone will almost certainly come up as Number Witheld to whoever you’re calling.

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One comment on “Number Witheld
  1. ollie says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I hardly answer my phone these days if I see the caller withheld flashing.

    I’m sure other locksmiths and trades feel the same plagued by rogue random ripoff artists.

    Nice website

    keep up the good work


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