Month: August 2012

London Doesn’t Want Me Any More

I had to drop one of the family off in Central London, just off Regent Street. Driving back I suddenly realized that despite having lived in London for forty years or more, I don’t feel welcome or wanted. I’m not

Prison Blight

There are a fair few prison in and around London. All the ones I can think of bar Wandsworth seem to be in blighted areas. I guess most were built long ago, when British governments first began their long-standing policy

Troublesome Tenants’ Social Strata

I’ve just realized something (mildly) surprising. Locksmiths are often involved when a tenant has been trouble – when they haven’t been paying their rent, when they’ve not given back their keys, and so on. You’d imagine such tenants would be

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Restricted Keys

It’s possible to get cylinders with restricted keys; usually using what is known as a ‘restricted profile’. A restricted key is one that can’t easily be copied. With a restricted profile key, the key blanks are not available to key