Month: September 2012

A Good but Pernickety Lock

There are a couple of budget-price nightlatches that are unusually good compared with most other stuff from their manufacturer. The more expensive of the two is comparable in function to Yale’s PBS auto-deadlocking nightlatches. And unusually, it’s probably better than

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Gravy Trains

It never fails to amaze me, how many commercial hobos (emphasis on the ho) there are just waiting around the funding marshalling yards waiting for gravy trains they can swing aboard. For my sins, I was once involved in advising

Plebgate / Gategate

Ah. Just when, once again, I start to wonder why I bother to vote Labour or Liberal (when I’m not wondering whether to vote Green or MonsterRavingLoony), along comes someone like Andrew Mitchell (#plebgate #gategate or here or here) to

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If It Ain’t Broke But Stiff, Fix It

Two jobs this week have involved locks that were difficult to operate but were still being used – until, that is, they broke. One was a locking bolt on a window and one was a front door deadlock. Both eventually

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I’m Afraid You Can’t Buy A Whatever And Expect A Whoever To Fit It

I get quite a few calls from people who have bought a lock and then discovered that they can’t fit it themselves and want me to fit it. I’m afraid I have to say, ‘No’. In the past, I used

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Call Centre Ingenuity

We are all used to the suffering inflicted upon us by call centres. In their quest to avoid actually paying wages Orange have a new tactic to convince us to hang up and not bother the one or two staff

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Critics [Hawk] [Spit] [Ding]!

It is said that those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t teach, consult; and those who are sad and desperate wannabes become critics. Since Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps (a UK TV

Lock Identification (continued)

Yesterday we considered how the locks on a typical, tradition, wooden door might be described. A typical modern composite or PVC-U door, on the other hand, will be a little different. It is highly likely that it will have a

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Lock Identification

It’s been posted on this blog before, but who reads all the archives? If you ring a locksmith, it will help everyone if you can say what kind of locks you have. There are all sorts of ways of classifying

Oh Dear – Why Didn’t Someone Stop Him

I’m with Chris Rock. Clint Eastwood must have been trying to help Obama with his ‘Republican’ speech yesterday. The guy who directed ‘Bird’ cannot possible have been both serious and had all his marbles lined up.