Month: October 2012

The Cloud

I find myself (although give me a couple more years and that might no longer be true) increasingly using the Cloud. Google calendar seems great. It effortlessly synchronizes over my phone and my desktop PC, and of course is available

US TV and Mitt Romney

You might be forgiven for looking askance at American TV. But it’s not as bad as all that. OK the filler is poo, but there have been some great features – 24 for example – and some great comedy –


I’d never quite understood why there was such vehement opposition to Starbucks. Personally, I don’t like the coffee and prefer something like Cafe Nero, but did I really need to be loathing them? However, telling your investors that your UK

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No Hope

To think my parents once put down “christian” for me in a box on a form before I realized what they were doing. The Christian Hope evangelical church in Kiev is one of the prime movers in getting a bill

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Runs of Runs Run Into Each Other

Today I had yet another incorrectly-fitted ERA BS rim lock – suffering both the tailpiece not being shortened enough and a cruciform hole being chiselled through the door instead of a nice 32mm hole. So there were at least two

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Rivers Of Slime

Do the ladies (it always seems to be a female) who record those telephone call centre prompts ever feel the hate? If there were such psychic builds up as were depicted on the Ghostbusters 2 film I happened to be

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A Run Of Runs

This time a run of poorly fitted rim cylinders. Around here we have a large number of flat dwellers and fast turnover of said dwellers. Which is good for us as they are forever wanting to change locks. Of course

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A Jar of Vicks for the Kit

I’ve just added a jar of the famous vapour rub to my toolkit. I am reliably informed (by Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs) that a smear on your top lip subdues the worst of mortuary smells. I don’t do

Well Done Bloodhound

A fantastic success today for a key stage in the Bloodhound SSC effort to get a car driven to 1000 mph. Well done to Mr Noble for pulling it all together, to Mr Chapman for heading up the engineering and to

A Free Press, but …

I thought it was someone else, but the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations has Tom Stoppard saying, “I’m with you on the free press. It’s the newspapers I can’t stand.” Hear, hear. Did you read the magnificent piece of knowledgeable journalism