Runs of Runs Run Into Each Other

Today I had yet another incorrectly-fitted ERA BS rim lock – suffering both the tailpiece not being shortened enough and a cruciform hole being chiselled through the door instead of a nice 32mm hole.

So there were at least two reasons this lock had not actually enjoyed a valid British Standard rating from day one. Part of this lock getting a BS rating is its having two extra bolts securing the escutcheon (the big beefy lump that surrounds the keyway). So the idiot fitter had dug this huge cross shape to accommodate the security screws without actually being able to utilize the security screws as there was no wood left for their heads to sit on! And once again, leaving the tailpiece too long meant that the lock was almost impossible to open and the extra bolt length can’t delploy.

If a locksmith (unlikely or certainly unworthy of the term) or a chippie is going to charge you well over twice as much for a BS lock, you need to watch them and make sure you’re actually getting your BS money’s worth:

  • Is it actually the BS ERA? There is another model that looks very similar but has no kitemark.
  • Does the escutcheon stay firmly attached to the door without the cylinder having been fitted? (You have to get the fitter to show you half way through, when the escutcheon is fitted to the front and the lock plate hasn’t yet been fitted.)
  • Does the bolt pop out by another few millimetre when you push in the anti-slip trigger? Note the crescent shape that becomes visible when the bolt pops out by that extra bit and check it happens again when you shut the door from the inside.
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