Month: November 2012

Outside In Filthy Weather

The time has come, with several locked out customers having been awaiting my arrival, outside in horrible weather for the periodic warning: to get your misbehaving locks fixed before they fail on you. Happily no-one was stood out there for

X Factor

I’m still thinking about X Factor. Another thing that amused and irritated me was the position of some established entertainers. Quite a few have expressed disdain, dismay and dislike of X Factor. I can’t help wondering if top-name entertainers have

What To Do Tonight?

We were out yesterday evening, but this evening we (me an the kids) are at home. Normally we’d catch up on the missed X Factor from yesterday – Saturday – night, and then watch the results show. Last weekend’s X

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More Steak and Potatoes

I shall have to get myself into shape. My lathe is sinking into the garden and I’ll have to remove it from the workshop. It is rather heavy however; and the years have seen my abs, biceps and six-pack reduced

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