Insult to Injury

Let’s hope you don’t find yourself locked out at 2:00 in the morning. But if you do and you call a locksmith, ask if they will open your lock non-destructively; and ask what they do about a replacement lock if they do end up destroying yours.

I have had two calls recently to doors where a “locksmith” had completely trashed the latch cylinder in a totally incorrect and ham-fisted way; and didn’t even put in a replacement cylinder! So the customers ended up with the door flapping about all night or deadlocking themselves in, which is a fire risk; and ended up paying me as well as the driller-killer.

If you do find yourself next to a “locksmith” who is getting his drill out, ask about the replacement cylinder. If they give you some nonsense about not supplying or fitting a replacement, insist on halving their callout charge. OK, if it’s a big, burly brute with a drill in one hand you will think twice; but if you’re bigger or there’s more than one of you, give it some consideration.

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