Month: January 2013


Of all the BDCs (big dumb corporations) the UK main telecom company, BT, must be one of the B-ist and D-ist. Long, long ago when the early telephone service was run by the Post Office it was an incredible cutting-edge

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Mobile Phone-Calling Entry Systems

Grr. I’ve almost certainly posted before about clients who give you their mobile phone number and leave it switched off or leave it diverted or don’t pick up.  Now obviously it’s going to happen that people have no signal, or

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Tradesmen – Tsk!

I’m beginning to realize why several customers look surprised when I get there. They’re amazed I’ve turned up at all. OK it’s a bad time of year to try to get plumbing done but I want to get a radiator

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Take A Look Through Your Front Door’s Letterslot

These days, cars are very difficult to break into and drive away. So thieves go for the cars’ keys. Take a look through your front door’s letterslot. If you can see your car keys (or regular keys) on a surface

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Moving And Keys

Have you ever sold a property and had to fill in the answers to a whole bunch of questions. I don’t recall ever having been asked if there are keys to all the doors and windows. There certainly should be


Adobe really are vile. At the moment many of are suffering the Flash nonsense. Some while back, Adobe took over the company responsible for Flash, seemingly in an attempt to gain control over a significant chunk of the WWW experience.

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Chinese Takeaway Nightmare

Well I suppose something had to balance yesterday’s success story… After a hard day’s shifting of furniture around we decided to have a Chinese takeaway delivered. There’s a posh-looking Chinese food takeaway I’m always passing (Good Earth Express, Battersea) and

US Phone Not US

We are changing the phones around. The business line used to hosted as a rather neat BT service called Second Cadence or  something like that. You pay a bit extra on your (domestic) line and you get a second number