Month: February 2013

Wrong And Bad Knob Set

Locking door handles are more common in the States than here in the UK. A lockout the other day reminds me of two things you should be careful of… The commonest place where you do find locking door knobs is

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Try To Stay Calm

The commonest lockout scenario is on moving into a new place. It’s a combination of the stress of moving and the unfamiliarity with the locks and where you leave your keys. Another frequent scenario, and there were two this morning,

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Hammering In A Nail Is Unlikely To Work

I’ve almost certainly mentioned it before, but the Ingersoll SC71 is one of the best lock designs there ever was. If you can afford it, and if your door and frame are in good condition, it’s an excellent choice of

Google Reaching THAT Point In Its Life

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve gone back to using Yahoo for internet searches. Google now only seems to search for what it thinks you want to search for. And the old ways of forcing the search you