Month: March 2013

I’ll Get My People To Call Your…

Now, agreed, there must be times when someone is not able to dial or to speak or hear and gets someone else to make telephone calls on their behalf. But that doesn’t account for the numerous times we get called

Snibs (Again)

There was another of those coincidences/buses-come-in-threes yesterday. (Let’s not forget, however, that what would be truly odd is if nothing odd ever happened.) Two people got locked out because the’d used their “snib” incorrectly. And I’ve also seen customers do

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Safe or Secure

Plenty of apartments have entry systems: someone’s at the front door downstairs and to save the weary occupant from traipsing downstairs only to find that it’s someone on the knock, (selling dusters that are just five inches on a side

Screwed, or Not

When sorting out a door I usually have a quick look at the carpentry as well as the locks. On today’s misbehaving door, unbelievably, only three of the twelve screws that should have been holding its hinges to the frame

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Locks And Insurance, continued

I mentioned the subject of getting agreement in writing from your insurer yesterday. Particularly if you live in London, you might have a Banham lock on your door. Once again, you have an excellent lock, but it might be worth

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Picked It!

I’m feeling pleased with myself, having picked open a Chubb 110 deadlock. I’ve mentioned before the big divide amongst locksmiths: those who drill (or smash) open everything they come across; and those who pick most locks open and for whom

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