Month: April 2013

Carpenter, Bodger or Botcher?

Back when living at the house before the one we live at now, I asked someone who’d been advertising in one of those free, delivered, local mags to take an alcove cupboard out and replace it with shelves. The guy

The Nationals

Picture the scene … Wannabe business tycoon … “I really could do with a new set of golf clubs. And the wife (or husband – I have non-sexist indignation) wants a new conservatory. Where can I drum up some business?

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Getting A New Door

What are the things to look out for when getting yourself a new front door? Well, make sure you get an external quality door and one that has the correct fire rating. This post only addresses single occupancy / family

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There’s a lock (maybe that should be “lock”) “manufacturer” about who’s product I may just have posted in the past. While their high end latch is better than Yale’s PBS equivalent (although if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing

How Does Someone With Extreme Religious Views End Up As A Science Teacher?

There’s a news report about the High Court upholding a ban on a Deptford Green teacher from teaching. This teacher apparently told children that Sunday worship was effectively worshiping the devil (he was a Saturday worshiper) and that a homosexual

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But I Live Here!

Every so often we have to let someone in who’s left their keys at the office, or who’s suffered the wind blowing their door shut with them on the outside and the keys on the inside. And most people understand

Price Comparison Websites

I was getting irritated by insurance companies advertisements saying, “We’re not on price comparison websites.” Direct Line especially. In the past I’ve never managed to get a competetive quote from Direct Line. However, just recently I needed to renew my

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