Month: May 2013


On a recent trip to Chelsea (Elvis Costello didn’t want to go there, but I quite like it), we passed a bicycle chained to a post. But the post was only one metre high! Ehh? And then, that evening I

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No More Sharp Objects

Oh dear. I’ve been to collect my ceiling tiles. I spent half an hour clearing stuff out of the van in order that the carton would fit. However, my calculation of the carton size was out on one side by

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Who Is The Lord Of The Planet Of The Star Monkeys?

We’ve just been to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Quite enjoyable, but for me the pacing and the plotting were off; and overall the film wasn’t as good as Iron Man 3. (And I’m starting to get really ticked off

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Painted Shut

Quite a few times a customer will point out that a window doesn’t need securing because it’s been painted shut. Sometimes this is intentional; sometimes it is just sloppy work by the bane of my life – painters – painters

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No Business Thanks

Every so often you come across businesses that you would swear were trying not to make money. And this against a backdrop of  small-to-medium-sized businesses always complaining about how difficult it all is. I need to put some sound absorbing

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Do you take omega oils supplements. I did (do). But we need to be careful. Those charming folk in the “healthcare” industry don’t care about our well-being, of course. They care about their profit. Or, rather, their boards of directors

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Lamentable Tail

Some of my colleagues are reporting a rash of broken bolt tails on Union Strongbolt (ironically) mortice deadlocks. This is something of a pain as we got these in in order to replace ERA Fortress mortice deadlocks. The Fortress was

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House Numbers

I wonder how buildings in streets get numbered? And by whom? Living and working fairly near the centre of London, I don’t get to see entire new rows of houses go up. We do see new houses being built in

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