Month: August 2013

Avoiding Snapped And Broken Keys

When a rim cylinder key – a “Yale” key – has a deep cut near the shoulder, it can snap off if you’re not careful. The valleys in your pointy-toothed flat key match pins in the lock cylinder. The pins

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Loose Locks Spell Trouble

If a lock is getting more and more wobbly, it really should be attended to. A typical Yale rim lock only has two titchy little screws appearing to hold it on. That because they hold the lock onto a couple

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We’ve had two jobs this week where a customer has rung asking for a quote, and then gone with someone who appeared to be cheaper. Then in both cases they discovered that the other quote was for drilling the lock,

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Multipoint Locking Systems On Front Doors

If your front door has a normal multipoint locking system (MPL), you might want to confirm if the outside handle opens the latch bolt. In times gone by we didn’t worry much about the thought of someone walking in through

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