Month: October 2013

Door Closers

Not the uniformed kind who hover around outside posh hotels, but the kind that sit over the top of a door and have a double armed, elbow joint mechanism. (And not the kind that just press on the door near

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False Key Unlocking Door – Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s post on key differs, there’s a venerable and excellent lock called the 110 (Union, nee Chubb). It’s not fitted to domestic properties very often; it’s usually fitted to something like a bank branch’s door. Unlike a

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Key Differs

What are differs? When is a lock keyed to differ, and when is it keyed alike? Given the levers in a lever lock (usually between 2 and 7 levers) and the different lever heights; or given the pins in a

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Yesterday I attended a burgled property. It was a little unusual; and got me thinking. We mostly worry about being burgled whilst we are out. But you also need to consider your security when you’re in – probably when you’re

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Trespass, Breaking and Entering, or Burglary

What’s the difference? As I understand it, trespass is simply an unauthorized entry upon land. Breaking and Entering on the other hand, involves premises; it is where even the slightest amount of effort is used to gain access to premises

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Entry Phones (Again, again, …)

I had a job in a block on the biggest, gated compound yesterday. And there is only one gate. So the entryphone system has to cope with ringing hundreds of apartments with each block starting their apartment numbers at ‘1’.

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