Month: March 2014

The Flex Maketh The (Good) Tool

I’ve decided on my number one criterion that marks out a good tool; particularly a hand tool. It’s the quality of the power cord. My Fein vibrating saw (German) has a four metre, rubber cable. My Festool router (German) has

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Fancy Rim Cylinders And Side Bars

The typical rim cylinder key pushes up five or six pins or ‘tumblers’ inside the lock. These pin tumblers are sitting in the “valleys” between the pointed teeth of your key. And your key’s valleys match the heights of the

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The Worst Lock Fitting Uncovered So Far

As I tell customers who ask, there are problems fitting locks to bedroom doors. For fire safety reasons you can’t fit a regular deadlock, especially if higher than ground floor or windows are barred. A panic lock is often too

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