Month: April 2014

NHS Versus Me – A Draw

I found myself seething again yesterday. Two things had put my cancer of three years ago back in mind: one of them was the diagnosis of melanoma with subsequent removal of half an ear from someone I know. What had

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Key Fobs And The Little People

What happened to those key fobs where you clapped or whistled and they responded, helping you find lost keys? I had two jobs last week where the little people – the customers’ kids or, who knows, something spookier – had

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Google, Grrr (Continued)

I went to look at a video this morning, on YouTube. For various reasons, it wasn’t on the most up-to-date device. Google’s Chrome wouldn’t let me access YouTube and the YouTube app on there wouldn’t play unless I updated to

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Securing The Rear

Lots of properties have lots of glass at the back. It might be (thrice-damned) bi-fold doors. Or it might be a conservatory. Or just lots of windows and French doors. It’s pretty impossible to secure several square metres of glass

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Grrr, Google, Grrr

Google are getting very, very irritating; and, one suspects, just a little bit evil. Like most folks, but perhaps just a little bit more, tradespeople depend on their phones. So what do you go with? All my early phones were

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Insurance Requirements

It’s time for the regular note on house insurance locking requirements. There are still buildings and contents insurance policies out there living in times gone by. They assume that everyone still has a traditional wooden door and require you to

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Key Copies (For The “Chubb 110”)

If you have a Chubb deadlock the face-plate of which says “5 Detainers” you have a Chubb (now branded as Union) 110 or one of its variants. I’ve talked before about what a great lock it is. If you can’t

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Warmer Weather And Snapped Keys

As the weather warms up, some doors and door frames will begin expanding (or contracting; wood is excellent but strange stuff; it depends on the moisture content and whether the door is warming up or drying out). Many doors will

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