Key Fobs And The Little People

What happened to those key fobs where you clapped or whistled and they responded, helping you find lost keys?

I had two jobs last week where the little people – the customers’ kids or, who knows, something spookier – had hidden/buried/posted/eaten/… a bunch of keys. And thus, the customer needed to get replacment cylinders. I remember asking in the case of the second one at least if the door was open or locked shut. It was open.

I’m always tempted, with my wits in decline as they are, to think, ‘Ah, the door’s open; won’t need the picking kit’. The picking kit is heavy and would be very expensive and time consuming to replace, so if I can leave it I do. Luckily, as I often do, I was picturing my approach to the job and realized for the hundredth time that even though a door with a euro cylinder is open, the cylinder won’t come out without a key – or a lock pick. Anyway, it turned out to be a satisfying pick: not too quick, which is boring and leaves the customer thinking the job is a doddle; and not too difficult either.

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