Month: May 2014

Don’t Poke

There may be one or two cases in a thousand where a paperclip or some eyebrow tweezers suceed in getting a snapped-off latch key out of the cylinder. Mostly, however, paperclips and tweezers just drive the snapped-off fragment deeper and

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Wobbly Woodwork

We had another lockout yesterday where the snib had been set before the door was then slammed shut. The ‘snib’ is one name for the little dingus on many nightlatch locks that allows you to lock the bolt in –

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New Property, Builders And New Locks

A few customers won’t be moving into their new premises immediately. They will be having building works done first. Now, roughly one in ten lock changes are requested because there’s been a falling out with a builder, and the occupier

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Moved In And Locked Out

The commonest time to suffer getting locked out with the keys inside is just after you’ve moved in to a new place. Everything’s in a different place, the locks are different and you’re probably pretty stressed. So it’s just what

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