I quoted for a job last week, involving a couple of key changes. Straightforward enough. The person got back to me and let me know that the landlord was sorting the door out after all. Fair enough.

Yesterday the enquirer (the person, not the bastion of highbrow journalism) came back to me asking for a quote to finish the job that the landlord’s locksmith seemed not quite to have completed.

They had elected to replace a lever deadlock with a thumbturn cylinder-operated deadlock, which is fair enough as it seems it was a communcal door (I hadn’t been told this) and it’s the correct thing to do for fire safety. Now the cylinder used was the ubiquitous “euro” profile – very, very common and very, very stupidly designed. A euro profile cylinder has the shape of the head in Munch’s ‘Scream’ – very, very appropriate. However, the fitter had hacked out a vaguely circular hole where the keyhole had been. And left it at that! No rose, no escutcheon. Just a ridiculously large misshapen hole.

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