Month: October 2014


In an earlier life, when I wasn’t on the road I had the good fortune to work from home; or at least me and the kids thought it was good. A colleague and I had started a business but we

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Double Doors

They are renovating a house just at the end of my street. And they are making the front door – the main door – what your insurance policy will refer to as the final exit/entry door – a double door.

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Testing, Testing, …

You would think that manufacturers would extensively test their products. But no. From apps with completely stupid interfaces, to locks, it appears that they don’t. OK, when you’ve commited your design to some factory in China, maybe you think, “What’s

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Movie Clichés

Clichés to do with keys that is. One of the most irritating is the sound that car remotes make in movies. There are no vehicles I’ve ever come across whose remote key fobs make the noise depicted in brainless movies.

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