Month: April 2015

Wooden Doors And Locking Strips

Don’t. Don’t have a “modern”, multi-point locking strip (MPL) in a wooden door. MPLs are commonly found in uPVC doors. MPLs can usually be identified by their handle being operated in an upwards direction in order to lock the door.

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Belt, Braces And A Key In Every Pocket

I’ve just cut myself three copies of my front door latch key. One for the little pocket of my regular jeans, one for my other jeans (SWMBO won’t let me wear blue jeans with a blue shirt), and one for

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Why Is A Bi-Fold Door Like A 50 YO Car?

Are you old enough to have owned a car that was manufactured more than two decades ago? Do you remember how they had to be cossetted? Today you can expect to run a car for many tens of thousands of

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