Woeful And Lackadaisical

I hope (no really; I don’t need all that much work) that you don’t live in a block built by woefully stupid and incompetent builders; and “looked after” by lackadaisical management company.

I’ve just finished securing three flats in a newish block. It was designed and built with break-ins in mind. There are only half a dozen flats per corridor, and they were marketed to young professionals so the chances are the not one of the flats will be occupied during the days. The corridors are nice and secluded so thieves can work without danger of being interrupted. The corridors are just wide enough, and the doors staggered enough that you can nicely brace yourself against a wall whilst kicking in a door. And there’s a door at the end of the corridor so that if you need a nice run up in order to batter a door in, you’ve got it.

And of course the doors are powder board so you don’t need to be Bruce Lee to punch your way through them. And the locks are “contract” quality, which is a euphemism for cheap.

And the agents managed to butcher the security doors so they don’t work properly.

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