A Child-Proofing Measure You Probably Didn’t Consider

I remember going around the cupboard doors fitting those childproof catches that children and American presidents aren’t supposed to be able to open*. And those little plastic covers in the power outlets. And of course the stair gates. It’s not that I believe in the nanny state so much as I don’t believe in hauling myself off to A&E unneccessarily.

Well here’s a scenario we never considered:

a) Whilst the wrong key is supposed to be unable to unlock a lock, manufacturers don’t care as much about whether the wrong key can lock a lock. If, for example, you’ve just moved in and are unfamilar with the new keys, and, for example, your back door and your front door both have ERA deadlocks, and you walk out of the front door with the back door key, you might just find that the key will lock the door; but of course it won’t unlock it.

b) Deadlocks on internal doors – particularly bedroom doors – are not the best idea.

c) Child goes playing in bedroom, finds any old key and plays with it. How? Why locking locks of course. And this key did happen to be for another door but was capable of locking said child in that bedroom.

Hence frantic call from unlucky grandparent who happened to be sitting at the time.

* It was said that Nixon couldn’t open pill bottles with child-proof caps. They bore teeth marks.

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