Factory-Made Door Made Wrong

I had to open a back door where all the keys had been lost by an outgoing tenant. I was quite pleased with myself when I’d picked the lock as although it’s not a difficult lock, it’s one that’s often given me problems.

Having got the door unlocked, it proved difficult to open as it was binding on the frame. I did warn the customer (the landlord) that forcing it open might leave us with a door that we couldn’t close again; but the choice was made to shove it open as their builder was on their way to the premises anyway. And it did indeed prove impossible to close again.

Examing the door with a square, you could see that it had no bevel. On the edge that has the locks – the lock stile – it’s not supposed to be exactly square, it’s supposed to be slightly bevelled. This is so that as the door is closing and the leading edge is angled out slightly further on its way to being fully shut it doesn’t foul the frame.

When the builder arrived and I pointed this out, he must have thought I was critisising him; he said “but it was factory made”. I guess he meant that the entire frame plus side glasses plus door came from the factory as most doors are factory made these days. If so then that’s unbelievably poor for a factory wot makes doors.

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