The End Is Nigh

This month sees me starting my last year. I become officially pensioned in twelve months.

I thought I’d probably carry working past retirement age, at least with a handful of jobs a week – beer money, etc. – but the noise, the dust and the kneeling down are getting more and more challenging. Jobs that require full alertness and memorized techniques are also getting more challenging.

Governments are pondering keeping an ageing population working longer; but I don’t see how a lot of us are going to manage that. Although diseases are gradually being conquered, physical and mental strength and agility are not improving.

“Yes, I know you can’t carry on your trade any more, but I’m afraid you’ll have to work another five years. You can’t kneel down and your strength is diminishing; and you are in cognitive decline? Well you’ll just have to sit at this desk and take customer support calls then.”

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