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Describing The Problem

I don’t know why but it happens pretty frequently that someone will call up and ask for a lock to be changed. OK, I think, I can swing by on my way to my next booked appointment and pop a

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Safes From The Sheds

I had to open an electronic digital safe where the battery had run down, the customer had ignored the low battery noises and lights the poor thing had been making for a couple of months, and where the override key

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Factory-Made Door Made Wrong

I had to open a back door where all the keys had been lost by an outgoing tenant. I was quite pleased with myself when I’d picked the lock as although it’s not a difficult lock, it’s one that’s often

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Bolts seem often to be overlooked as a security option. Customers sometimes ask what kind of lock will do such-and-such; and the answer is a £5 bolt. Whether you call it a barrel bolt or a tower bolt or a

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A Child-Proofing Measure You Probably Didn’t Consider

I remember going around the cupboard doors fitting those childproof catches that children and American presidents aren’t supposed to be able to open*. And those little plastic covers in the power outlets. And of course the stair gates. It’s not

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Estate Agents And Lockouts

We’ve attended a spate – well, three in a fortnight – of customers who’ve been locked out by an estate agent (“realtor” to any kind readers from North America). What happens is that soon-to-be-departing occupants leave for the day without

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Photo ID

Anyone can lock themselves out. I’ve certainly managed it myself – more than once. But if you’ve locked yourself out and suspect that it might just happen again, then as well as finding a (not next door) neighbour to leave

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Wooden Doors And Locking Strips

Don’t. Don’t have a “modern”, multi-point locking strip (MPL) in a wooden door. MPLs are commonly found in uPVC doors. MPLs can usually be identified by their handle being operated in an upwards direction in order to lock the door.

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Why Is A Bi-Fold Door Like A 50 YO Car?

Are you old enough to have owned a car that was manufactured more than two decades ago? Do you remember how they had to be cossetted? Today you can expect to run a car for many tens of thousands of

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Rimlatches With Locking Handles

It’s time to warn folks again about the perils of a rim latch locks where there is a keyway in the handle as well as there being a keyway on the ouside, in the barrel (or cylinder). It’s quite reasonable

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