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I quoted for a job last week, involving a couple of key changes. Straightforward enough. The person got back to me and let me know that the landlord was sorting the door out after all. Fair enough. Yesterday the enquirer

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Visitors And Lever Locks

The UK is unusual in that many doors still have lever locks. Elsewhere they are much less common. One result of this is that UK locksmiths and burglars have a much tougher time, as long as people actually use their

Doorbells And Mobile Phones

After an exhaustive and statistically rigorous process (staring at the ceiling and pondering), it seems to me that: half the doorbells in London no longer work; two-thirds of women don’t pick up calls and one-third of men don’t pick up

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Would Have Been A Hell Of A Fondue

We had some guests over for dinner. I decided to make a cheese fondue. Earlier I had been out for a couple of the right kinds of cheese, a bottle of white wine and some nice bread. Soon after their

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Who Is The Lord Of The Planet Of The Star Monkeys?

We’ve just been to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Quite enjoyable, but for me the pacing and the plotting were off; and overall the film wasn’t as good as Iron Man 3. (And I’m starting to get really ticked off

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A Run Of Runs

This time a run of poorly fitted rim cylinders. Around here we have a large number of flat dwellers and fast turnover of said dwellers. Which is good for us as they are forever wanting to change locks. Of course

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A Free Press, but …

I thought it was someone else, but the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations has Tom Stoppard saying, “I’m with you on the free press. It’s the newspapers I can’t stand.” Hear, hear. Did you read the magnificent piece of knowledgeable journalism

Critics [Hawk] [Spit] [Ding]!

It is said that those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t teach, consult; and those who are sad and desperate wannabes become critics. Since Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps (a UK TV


“Do you, uh, pick locks?” “Yes.” “You don’t damage them or nothing?” “That’s right.” “Could you come and let me into my flat on XXXington Road?” “Almost certainly. What number flat is it?” ” [long silence]  It’s the one at

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A Prize Doh! Moment

I spent 20 minutes yesterday trying to figure out why on earth a sliding patio door wouldn’t lock in the closed position yet operated perfectly well in the open position. Well of course, we go through this half-a-dozen times a

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