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Safes From The Sheds

I had to open an electronic digital safe where the battery had run down, the customer had ignored the low battery noises and lights the poor thing had been making for a couple of months, and where the override key

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The End Is Nigh

This month sees me starting my last year. I become officially pensioned in twelve months. I thought I’d probably carry working past retirement age, at least with a handful of jobs a week – beer money, etc. – but the

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Busy And Important

Here’s another thing that drives me nuts: bosses who ask their underlings to phone a locksmith only for the underling to have to relay every question I ask to their boss and their boss’ reply back again. It’s like Gwen

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A Child-Proofing Measure You Probably Didn’t Consider

I remember going around the cupboard doors fitting those childproof catches that children and American presidents aren’t supposed to be able to open*. And those little plastic covers in the power outlets. And of course the stair gates. It’s not

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Estate Agents And Lockouts

We’ve attended a spate – well, three in a fortnight – of customers who’ve been locked out by an estate agent (“realtor” to any kind readers from North America). What happens is that soon-to-be-departing occupants leave for the day without

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Woeful And Lackadaisical

I hope (no really; I don’t need all that much work) that you don’t live in a block built by woefully stupid and incompetent builders; and “looked after” by lackadaisical management company. I’ve just finished securing three flats in a

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Belt, Braces And A Key In Every Pocket

I’ve just cut myself three copies of my front door latch key. One for the little pocket of my regular jeans, one for my other jeans (SWMBO won’t let me wear blue jeans with a blue shirt), and one for

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It’s Nice Out Here Anyway

Believe it or not, we like to take the right tools to the job. And the bag of lock picks weighs a lot – to this old codger at least – so I don’t take it out unless it’s needed.

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In an earlier life, when I wasn’t on the road I had the good fortune to work from home; or at least me and the kids thought it was good. A colleague and I had started a business but we

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