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Describing The Problem

I don’t know why but it happens pretty frequently that someone will call up and ask for a lock to be changed. OK, I think, I can swing by on my way to my next booked appointment and pop a

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Safes From The Sheds

I had to open an electronic digital safe where the battery had run down, the customer had ignored the low battery noises and lights the poor thing had been making for a couple of months, and where the override key

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Factory-Made Door Made Wrong

I had to open a back door where all the keys had been lost by an outgoing tenant. I was quite pleased with myself when I’d picked the lock as although it’s not a difficult lock, it’s one that’s often

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Bolts seem often to be overlooked as a security option. Customers sometimes ask what kind of lock will do such-and-such; and the answer is a £5 bolt. Whether you call it a barrel bolt or a tower bolt or a

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Ongoing Puzzlement Over Window Locks

Every couple of weeks we get a call concerning the improving of window locking where no improvement is possible (save fitting bars). Sliding sash windows In many previous posts I have pointed out the hopeless nature of sliding sash windows.

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A Child-Proofing Measure You Probably Didn’t Consider

I remember going around the cupboard doors fitting those childproof catches that children and American presidents aren’t supposed to be able to open*. And those little plastic covers in the power outlets. And of course the stair gates. It’s not

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Not some branch of the security services but the venerable “Post Office Lock”. I assume it is so named because it was either used on postboxes or on the drawer at counter positions in post offices. But if anyone does

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Restricted Keys

It’s possible that you take your key to get some copies made only to be told that it can’t be copied, that it’s restricted. They might also say it has a restricted profile or is a restricted blank. There may

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Estate Agents And Lockouts

We’ve attended a spate – well, three in a fortnight – of customers who’ve been locked out by an estate agent (“realtor” to any kind readers from North America). What happens is that soon-to-be-departing occupants leave for the day without

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Photo ID

Anyone can lock themselves out. I’ve certainly managed it myself – more than once. But if you’ve locked yourself out and suspect that it might just happen again, then as well as finding a (not next door) neighbour to leave

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