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Google, Grrr (Continued)

I went to look at a video this morning, on YouTube. For various reasons, it wasn’t on the most up-to-date device. Google’s Chrome wouldn’t let me access YouTube and the YouTube app on there wouldn’t play unless I updated to

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Grrr, Google, Grrr

Google are getting very, very irritating; and, one suspects, just a little bit evil. Like most folks, but perhaps just a little bit more, tradespeople depend on their phones. So what do you go with? All my early phones were

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Another Venerable Product …

… seems to bite the dust. I’m no longer recommending the SC71, “Ingersoll” lock. A few years ago it might have been exceptionally expensive but it was exceptionally good. Then build quality slipped a bit. I replaced one the other

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Door Closers

Not the uniformed kind who hover around outside posh hotels, but the kind that sit over the top of a door and have a double armed, elbow joint mechanism. (And not the kind that just press on the door near

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Pretty Good Privacy

If you visit the contact page of our website, you’ll see an odd thing called a PGP public key. Being only mildly paranoid in a different business a few decades ago I occasionally used to have to send encrypted emails.

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How Does Someone With Extreme Religious Views End Up As A Science Teacher?

There’s a news report about the High Court upholding a ban on a Deptford Green teacher from teaching. This teacher apparently told children that Sunday worship was effectively worshiping the devil (he was a Saturday worshiper) and that a homosexual

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US TV and Mitt Romney

You might be forgiven for looking askance at American TV. But it’s not as bad as all that. OK the filler is poo, but there have been some great features – 24 for example – and some great comedy –

Gravy Trains

It never fails to amaze me, how many commercial hobos (emphasis on the ho) there are just waiting around the funding marshalling yards waiting for gravy trains they can swing aboard. For my sins, I was once involved in advising

Plebgate / Gategate

Ah. Just when, once again, I start to wonder why I bother to vote Labour or Liberal (when I’m not wondering whether to vote Green or MonsterRavingLoony), along comes someone like Andrew Mitchell (#plebgate #gategate or here or here) to

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Oh Dear – Why Didn’t Someone Stop Him

I’m with Chris Rock. Clint Eastwood must have been trying to help Obama with his ‘Republican’ speech yesterday. The guy who directed ‘Bird’ cannot possible have been both serious and had all his marbles lined up.