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Rimlatches With Locking Handles

It’s time to warn folks again about the perils of a rim latch locks where there is a keyway in the handle as well as there being a keyway on the ouside, in the barrel (or cylinder). It’s quite reasonable

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False Key Unlocking Door – Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s post on key differs, there’s a venerable and excellent lock called the 110 (Union, nee Chubb). It’s not fitted to domestic properties very often; it’s usually fitted to something like a bank branch’s door. Unlike a

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Pretty Good Privacy

If you visit the contact page of our website, you’ll see an odd thing called a PGP public key. Being only mildly paranoid in a different business a few decades ago I occasionally used to have to send encrypted emails.

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Wooden Or Composite MPL Doors

If you’re considering getting a new front (or back) door, do please strongly consider a traditional, wooden door with a pair (latch and dead) of traditional locks. This is even more important if your frong door is not at ground

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Tin Boxes From The DIY Sheds

You might be thinking of getting a small safe. They can be obtained from the DIY sheds at under £100. And for guarding a small amount of cash or those frequently nicked items like iPads they’re perfectly fine. (Although if

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Picked It!

I’m feeling pleased with myself, having picked open a Chubb 110 deadlock. I’ve mentioned before the big divide amongst locksmiths: those who drill (or smash) open everything they come across; and those who pick most locks open and for whom

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Restricted Keys

It’s possible to get cylinders with restricted keys; usually using what is known as a ‘restricted profile’. A restricted key is one that can’t easily be copied. With a restricted profile key, the key blanks are not available to key

New Apartment Blocks

Lots of new apartment blocks sprang up around here during the boom years, while New Labour was carrying where the previous government left off in its efforts (along with the Americans) to set up the spectacular bust we have just

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Weakening Doors By Fitting Locks

Many insurance policies ask for a mortice lock on the final exit door — the front door for most of us. This is because you can’t bolt the final exit door from the inside if you’re going out, and a

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Ingersolls That Aren’t

I’ve probably mentioned before what a nice lock the Ingersoll SC71 is. It’s very unusual in that it’s a 10-lever cylinder rimlock. It’s also very secure. Just about no-one can pick it; and it’s very tough to open destructively. One

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