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Pretty Good Privacy

If you visit the contact page of our website, you’ll see an odd thing called a PGP public key. Being only mildly paranoid in a different business a few decades ago I occasionally used to have to send encrypted emails.

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No Hope

To think my parents once put down “christian” for me in a box on a form before I realized what they were doing. The Christian Hope evangelical church in Kiev is one of the prime movers in getting a bill

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Well Done Bloodhound

A fantastic success today for a key stage in the Bloodhound SSC effort to get a car driven to 1000 mph. Well done to Mr Noble for pulling it all together, to Mr Chapman for heading up the engineering and to

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Intelligent Design? I Think Not

Not much to report, I’m afraid. Other than if there is a DESIGNER then HE/SHE/IT is pretty unintelligent. The gout I’ve suffered occasionally in my big toe seems to have moved on to my knee. This despite my having already

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