We change, repair and open locks on front doors, back doors, french doors, patio doors, internal doors, roof doors, etc.

We do the same thing for window locks.

(Please note that we don’t fit anything that we haven’t supplied; for example, we don’t fit a lock that the customer has purchased. It’s not the money as we only charge RRP, it’s just that 9 times out of 10 I’m afraid it’s the wrong kind of lock; and when we point this out it always seems to lead to suspicion and recriminations.)

We can also advise on augmenting the security on your doors and windows. Advice and estimates for increasing security are free in the local area (Clapham, Battersea, Balham, Stockwell and Wandsworth). Give us a call.

Keys can often be changed without replacing the entire lock — a cost effective way of dealing with keys that have got into the wrong hands. We can key locks alike, reducing the number of keys needing to be carried.

We attend lockouts (although this service isn’t offered as an emergency twenty-four hour service).

And if a lock or chain is refusing to give you back your motorbike or bicycle, our mobile service can come and free it from railings, trees, etc. (If the bike is not on your property, please expect to be asked for proof of ownership.)


We can change keys or combinations for you.

We service safes. Very few safe owners get their safes serviced, but it’s worth considering.

Perhaps the key is getting more and more difficult to turn. Perhaps you often have to dial your combination several times. Perhaps the main handle is stiff or wobbly. Perhaps the door is reluctant to open or close easily. All these are indications that something is going wrong and that the safe isn’t going to open one day.

A service might typically cost only £80. Opening a safe that’s gone into a sulk can cost up to ten times that much.

Needless to say, we do offer safe opening services.

There are more details of safe engineer services.

Please note, however, that whilst there is a workshop and occasionally things are brought back for repair before returning them to you (normally at no extra charge), we do not have a shop. This is a mobile locksmith and safe engineering service — we come to you.