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Woeful And Lackadaisical

I hope (no really; I don’t need all that much work) that you don’t live in a block built by woefully stupid and incompetent builders; and “looked after” by lackadaisical management company. I’ve just finished securing three flats in a

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One of the commonest calls is, “My latch key turns a little bit but then stops.” If it’s a Yale latch lock and it’s on the right-hand side of the door, then a loose snib might just have fallen down

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Let There Be Light

What do you do if there are windows at the back of your property — which must apply to just about everybody except non-ground-floor flat dwellers? You can consider grilles. I don’t like the huge concertina grilles very much. They

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Strength Matters

Customers quite often ask me what the best lock would be. However, quite often we are standing next to a door that the big, bad wolf wouldn’t even have to huff over — one small puff and it would be

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Double-Locking a Rimlatch

Many customers don’t realize that their rimlatch (their “Yale”) lock might be of the double-locking type. If there’s a keyway in the inside handle, what’s it for? Well, first of all it might not work. If you had the outside

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